In an ideal world Physiotherapy would be as much about injury prevention as treatment and healing. However we all know the world is far from ideal and that fitting exercises and conditioning programmes into our busy lives can be very difficult.

Physiotherapists at Kim Baxter and Associates are all experts in manual therapy and soft-tissue mobilisation techniques that are designed to get you active and pain-free as quickly as possible.

In some cases problems can reoccur as the underlying causes remain. We offer a range of services that are primarily aimed at long term injury prevention through biomechanical assessment and tailored conditioning programmes. During these programs we are available by email in between sessions to support and guide you to a positive outcome.

Please don't hesitate to call Kim on 07930 867829 to discuss any of these services, or if you are interested in a package more suited to your individual needs and circumstances.


[Physiotherapy] is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, intervention,and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well being.


As chartered Physiotherapists with long experience in both public and private practice we like Wikipedia's definition, particularly because it emphasises that solutions have to be realistically achievable for each patient within the scope of their lifestyle and personal commitments.

As well as the specialist services described below, Kim Baxter and Associates offers a wide range of physiotherapy diagnosis and intervention but at all points the emphasis is on what is appropriate:

  • Our diagnostic techniques are strongly evidence-based and logical, eliminating successive potential causes until the real causes are found.
  • We pride ourselves in our ability to guide the patient to understand the issues and to clearly and simply explain what is going on
  • We are experts at manual therapy and soft tissue mobilisation and some types of problem can be effectively relieved in one or two sessions.
  • We take a positive approach to minimising the disruption to your training programs and lives.

Physiotherapy assessment and treatment can help reduce pain, sometimes immediately, and prevent future problems whether you've been recently injured or have been suffering for years.

Remote Physiotherapy

I cannot speak highly enough of Kim ... she monitors my training on a weekly basis ... even though I see physiotherapists locally it is reassuring to have someone I can turn to who has an overview of my career, has been an international athlete and has my long-term interests at heart."

- Tessa Hill, Orienteer and Skyrunner

Since 2009 Kim has been working as Lead Physiotherapist with the British Orienteering Talent and Performance Squads. As athletes are based not only around the UK but also in Scandinavia it simply isn't possible to physically meet all of them other than a handful of times per year.

Thankfully remote interaction with athletes has never been easier - online training diaries are complimented by email, free video-conferencing services such as skype and the ease and simplicity of sharing documents, photos and videos.

This has enabled the physiotherapist's role to move from the occasional hands-on assessment at training camps to continuous remote monitoring of athletes. The expertise of the physiotherapist in terms of injury prevention and fast but safe rehabilitation is now available to all athletes all year round.

Partly due to demand from clients who have been travelling long distances to see us, we have now decided to offer Remote Physiotherapy as one of our standard services

If you are interested in finding out more please read the FAQ or call Kim on 07930 867829

Running Assessment

Running is the fundamental basis for many sports as well as an excellent way to lose weight and improve aerobic capacity. As many of us know all to well, the impact of running can also take a heavy toll on joints and muscles.

Our biomechanical screening service for runners has two goals:

  • Identify biomechanical issues that could lead to common overuse injuries e.g. runners knee (kneecap), ITB, achilles problems, groin pain, foot pain (plantar fasciitis) and shin splints; and provide exercise programs to rectify them
  • Identify and correct inefficient running styles through observation of stride length, foot contact point, position and time, cadence, hip mechanics, arm action and overall body position.

In both cases we will provide a tailored program of exercises and drills that will help you to run more and run faster.

If you are in a period of increasing your training load or intensity and want to ensure you are not 'overdoing' it we work with you to achieve maximum training benefit whilst minimising the risk of injury.

We are all individuals and we all have our own specific goals. Your running assessment is tailored to your requirements and is therefore delivered via standard physiotherapy sessions on a time-basis. Within this your biomechanics, running technique, training history and future plans can be assessed and monitored. The only requirement is you bring your normal running gear including your running shoes.

Please don't hesitate to call Kim on 07930 867829 to discuss further.


Recovering from surgery and sudden injury can be a challenging process, although in many cases with the appropriate help it need not be. We will work with you show you how to do the correct exercises in the correct way, and to assess your progress so you do most effective exercises at each stage of recovery. We are also there to help support you if you have concerns, problems or setbacks.

At the height of her international orienteering career Kim had ankle reconstruction surgery and understands the frustrations such setbacks can cause.

We are experienced in helping people recover from

  • Major surgery including hip and knee replacements, lumbar spine (lower back), ACL, PCL and ankle ligament reconstruction
  • Minor surgery including keyhole arthroscopy of the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle
  • Broken bones and factures, as well as twists and sprains

We offer regular email and phone contact to all patients on rehabilitation programmes so you can ask questions and gain reassurance in between scheduled sessions at the clinic.

Core Strength and Conditioning

You don't have to be a world class sports person to benefit from strength and conditioning programs, and neither do you need to go and lift weights in a gym. The underlying causes of many commonly occurring types of pain and injury can be solved through small amounts of regular basic conditioning work.

In particular, we can help you strengthen the stabilising core muscles that work in conjunction with the larger muscles in your arms, legs, shoulders, back and neck that do the heavy work. Ideally the whole system works in balance with relaxed flowing movement.

After injury and acute or prolonged pain the way you move can change as you naturally compensate to guard and protect the area of pain. Simple exercises can help you regain your normal movements and reduce the risk of long term issues.

Strength and conditioning has been proven to increase performance in many sports. Even in an aerobic sport such as distance running efficiency gains can lead to reduced effort and faster times. If you participate in sport regularly at any level then strength and conditioning can transform your enjoyment and success, allowing you to train more and play more.

At Kim Baxter and Associates we are realists, and we are happy to work with you to design exercises that you can incorporate into your busy schedules and existing forms of exercise e.g. gym sessions, circuits, weights, yoga and pilates or simply waiting for the bus home.

We are also happy to work with your personal trainer, show you how to do exercises at a nearby gym, or introduce you to personal training partners who can help motivate and guide you through an exercise program.

Sports Massage

We provide sports massage for specific issues and more general massages to help during a heavy training periods or pre and post races.

Deep tissue massage can also be beneficial if you are suffering from postural stress, repetitive strains or muscle fatigue through pregnancy, recent childbirth or work-related causes.

Remote Physiotherapy FAQ

What do you offer that my local physiotherapist doesn't?

Without knowing your local physiotherapists we of course cannot answer that.

We have a wide range of knowledge and experience of running and running training methods along with many years of management of runners at all levels, helping them to return to full training or minimise lost days due to injury or illness.

Medical intervention, including Physiotherapy, is generally focused on what occurs after injury - a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

We are offering our experience to help you avoid injury and illness. Everyone is different, with different goals, motivations and external stressors as well as different physical capabilities and limitations. Therefore the more we get to know you the more effective we can become.

What kind of clients are you looking for?

We feel this service likely to be most beneficial to people who are interested in a long term engagement. This could range from weekly continuous monitoring of training logs to irregular discussion when you feel there is a need. We can even just spend time talking to you about your problems and help you understand why you are in pain, why you keep getting injured and how you can move forward.

The aim is that over time a relationship builds such that you have

  • someone you trust,
  • who knows you and your history,
  • can offer informed, impartial advice,
  • you can access quickly from anywhere.

I've got a coach. Why do I need you?

Maybe you don't. It depends on your coach and your relationship with them. We are definitely not trying to be coaches.

Our goal is to work with you to minimise disruption to your training, and if your training is disrupted to help you get back again as quickly as possible with minimal further disruption. We generally don't devise training programs except in the case of rehabilitation from injury.

One difference between our background and experience and that of a typical coach is that we deal with injured athletes every day. Hopefully your coach doesn't!

We are, of course, happy to work directly with your coach providing you give written permission.

How do you charge?

The service is charged on a pro-rate time-used basis. The fee is 60 per hour.

Note that as well as time spent "online" on the phone or video-conferencing time charged also includes "offline", reviewing information provided and documenting consultations.

Do you now charge for your free phone consultation?

No. Our free phone consultation is still available - we don't charge anything until you are happy to go ahead.

Is there any commitment?

No. It is entirely pay as you go.

Do I need an initial hands-on assessment?

No. Initially we'll assess the symptoms and history via phone and email and if possible by reviewing your online training log. If we feel you need a hands-on assessment we can:

  • help you in the search for a local physiotherapist by reviewing websites and sometimes discussing your case directly with them before you visit
  • give you a written assessment of possible issues before you visit your local physiotherapist
  • review the advice and treatment options you have been given after you have visited a physiotherapist

I'm not a runner. Can you still help me?

We are initially focusing these services on runners. However we do have a experience with injury prevention, rehabilitation and pain management in a wide range of competitive sports.

We are happy to discuss with you frankly and openly whether we can be of benefit or not.

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