Oli Johnson

Oli Johnson leading the 2010 Edale Skyline Race "Whenever I am in a tight spot with an injury or niggle I call on Kim to put me right. She offers just the right balance of hands-on rehab and advice on preventative measures and rehab, while finding ways for you to go on doing the sport you love. Without her help I would not have made it to the start line of some important races over the past couple of years."

Oli Johnson has been one of Britain's top orienteers for more than ten years, bagging a total of 8 British titles. More recently he's started enjoying the map-free freedom of fell-running, winning the Langdale Horseshoe in 2010 and the FRA Relays with Dark Peak in 2011, 2013 and 2014 - on the last occasion managing to outpace World Champion Triathlete Jonny Brownlee. He ran for England in the World Mountain Running Championships 2011, placing 7th.

In an incredible month of classic mountain-racing in 2013 he picked up a win at Ennerdale, 3rd at Wasdale and 10th at the Mont Blanc Marathon Skyrace. In 2014 he lined up against the cream of the World's sky racers at the Limone Extreme coming an excellent 15th place.

Oli is sponsored by Inov8

Shane Ohly

Shane Ohly "Kim is one of the very best physios to have treated me and I am more than happy to recommend her. As a former Great Britain Orienteer, she understands what sportsmen and women want from their bodies and that a niggle really is an emergency! She also has fantastic insight and during 2008 when I kept presenting with aches and pains she was the first professional to recognise that I was over doing it and risking serious fatigue. When I became ill with Chronic Fatigue in early 2009 I was very sorry that I hadn't listened to her! "

Shane Ohly is an elite mountain runner with many podium finishes. His first coveted win at the OMM Elite was in 2011 but further wins in 2016 and 2017 have established him as one of the UK's best Mountain Marathoners. He holds the current record for the winter Ramsay Round taking in 24 munros and 30,000ft of ascent and descent in 30 hours. Prior to focusing on running, Shane was a top class rock climber with many first ascents to his name. Along with John Arran he was the first to climb over 500 routes in a day on the Peak District gritstone

Shane is Race Director at Ourea Events, responsible for the resurrection of the Dragon's Back and innovative new classics such as the Glencoe Skyline and the Cape Wrath Ultra.

Tessa Hill (Remote Physiotherapy)

Tessa Hill at the World Orienteering Championships"I cannot speak highly enough of Kim. Because she knows the demands of real terrain running she is able to understand what injuries I may have, how to fix them and how to prevent them in the future. She is always focused on minimising the disruption to my training, getting me back running as soon as possible.

Kim monitors my training on a weekly basis and sends me "polite" suggestions when she thinks I am starting to do too much. Even though I see physiotherapists locally in Edinburgh it is reassuring to have someone I can turn to who has an overview of my career, has been an international athlete and has my long-term interests at heart."

Tessa Hill combines a career as an international orienteer with her love of mountains and is becoming one of the world's top sky racers.

As well as collecting six senior domestic orienteering titles in her career, in 2013 she was 5th in the World Orienteering Championships at the Sprint Distance and in 2014 helped the British Team podium twice in both Sprint and Forest Relays.

In 2012 she won the Snowdon International Fell Race and in 2013 gained an impressive 3rd overall in the Skyrunning World Vertical Km series. Other notable results to date include a win at the Matterhorn Ultraks 30km in 2013 and helping Hunter's Bog Trotters win the British Fell Running Relay Championships in 2012 and 2013. She rounded off a difficult 2014 season with 10th place in the Limone Xtreme Skyrace.

Tessa is sponsored by Arcteryx and Silva. Image courtesy of World of O

Rob Baker

Rob Baker in the Snowdon race "Over the years I have had treatment from a variety of different physiotherapists and specialists for niggles and longer term injuries. Quite frankly Kim is one of the best. She understands runners and athletes and is able to get to the bottom (or in my case the piriformis) of an issue quickly and confidently."

"Kim is hands on and insightful, helped by the wealth of experience she has gained working with international athletes in a variety of sports and settings. When planning my marathon campaigns a regular MOT and check-in with Kim was a key part of my preparation."

"Having  moved to Melbourne in 2013 my search for a top-notch physio continues ..."

Rob Baker has competed internationally at orienteering and mountain running.  In 2012 he was ranked 5th in the English Fell running championships and came second in the epic 5-day Dragon’s Back race down the spine of Wales, his first attempt at a multiday or ultra distance event. 

Rob has a London Marathon best of 2.26 with 69.13 for the Half Marathon and 15.32 for the Sheffield Hallam Park Run, as of November 2014 still the third fastest time recorded.

Seb Grieve

Seb GrieveSeb Grieve had a bad shoulder. It's better now. You can read how that happened below.

To quote Neil Gresham's blog, "Immortalised by the video, Hard Grit, Seb Grieve's ascent of Meshuga [E9 6c] horrified viewers all over the World and was regarded as the benchmark in gritstone boldness."

Having climbed and fallen off most of Derbyshire’s hardest gritstone routes Seb has gone on to exploring the more adventurous parts of the globe establishing new routes in Mongolia, Vietnam, Colombia and China.

Graham Gristwood

Graham Gristwood wins his heat in WOC 2009"Kim has worked with me for several years both through the British Orienteering Squad and as a private patient, covering all aspects of training including injury prevention, rehabilitation, treatment of acute injuries and support and treatment during major races.

I've always found it reassuring that she has been through the pressures of international competition herself and understands exactly what top class athletes need to train and perform."

Graham is one of Britain's leading orienteers with a growing list of international successes including World Relay Champion in 2008, Silver at the World Cup Final in 2010 and 4th in the World Championships Sprint in 2011.

Hilary Bloor

Hilary Bloor below Kanchenjunga "I have been seeing Kim on and off over the years mainly for running problems. I was very pleased to have Kim's help with my shoulder injury after falling off my mountain bike. She gave me a comprehensive and realistic recovery programme which worked wonders and six weeks later I was able to compete in the Grand Raid Cristalp."

Hilary is one of those people who seems to enjoy a challenge. She has completed the Joss Naylor Challenge and the Bob Graham Round, cycled from Lhasa in Tibet to Khatmandu in Nepal, competed in the 7 day Trans-Rockies mountain bike race, the Trans Scotland and the Grand Raid Cristalp - the World's longest one-day Mountain Bike Race. In 2011 she completed the 6 day Marathon des Sables - 151 miles across the Sahara desert. Not content with completing the "world's toughest foot race", two weeks later she cycled from Lands End to John o Groats.

Rob Pearson

Rob Pearson The woman with healing hands! Kim has rescued and got me to the start line on far too many occasions showing an old dog never learns!! Her ability to understand my body and flatten out the many tangles and imbalances my muscles get into never ceases to amaze me. The new tactic of maintenance visits will hopefully mean next year's Europeans and Worlds will be crisis free.

Rob Pearson is an old dog learning new tricks. After a long and successful career running and orienteering he has turned to triathlon and the challenge of learning to swim - fast. Its working - his results have improved steadily to an age group 8th place (and top GBR finish) in the Sprint discipline at the European Championships in Kitzbuhel in 2014. Out of the pool he gained a fantastic 11th place in his age group in the 2014 World Championships Duathlon.

Rob is also remembered by many Sheffield University graduates for his legendary Endcliffe Park interval session which ran every week for more than a decade.

Lucy Spain

Lucy Harris Lucy enjoys racing but she enjoys being in the mountains even more. Having been three times British U23 Fell-Running Champion, a regular in Britain's Mountain Bike Orienteering team and Elite Mixed Winner at the Mourne Mountain Marathon 2011, what better sport to tackle next than Adventure Racing?

In 2010 and 2011 she competed in the Adventure Racing World Series. Her Inov8 team managing 8th in the 4 day Adidas Terrex 2010 which covered most of the Lake District and much of Morecambe Bay. In 2011, having been 5th for most of the race her team placed 12th in the non-stop 6 day Raid the North Extreme, crossing a wilderness area of the Canadian Rockies and only losing time on the final day due to injury.

You can read Lucy's testimonial here

Mark Simmonds

Mark Simmonds "Kim's skill and expertise saw me back to fitness and achieve my dream of playing for England. Kim devised a detailed programme of treatment and rehabilitation that saw me back playing top level hockey despite previous advice to retire. I can't thank her enough."

Mark Simmonds, England Masters Hockey

Jenny Peel

Jenny Peel "Since having kids I've had numerous injuries and niggles from trying to run too much too quickly. Kim's skill at releasing off pain points has kept me going when the stresses of work and two small children have meant proper training and exercise has been difficult. As an ex-team-mate and current competitor her sensible advice on strength exercises is always welcome, but, like her, I don't always get round to doing it."

Jenny Peel has a long and distinguished career as an international orienteer with a career best of 4th place at the World Championships. In 2011 she won the Vets British Championships in Sprint, Middle and Relay and came second in the Long Distance.

In 2013 she dominated the W45 age class and joined club-mate Kim to win the Elite British Relay Championships.

Freda Brayshaw

"I am a woman in my 60s and usually run 5 miles twice a week, do dance aerobics, pilates and yoga. I fell while running 8 weeks ago and fractured a metatarsal. After 4 weeks immobilised in a rigid plastic boot, my foot was stiff and painful and even walking for fairly short distances was difficult. After 3 sessions with Kim, my foot is much more supple and the pain has lessened considerably. Kim is positive, enthusiastic and encouraging and I now feel much more optimistic that I will be running again before long."

Tricia Anderson

"A combination of Kim's pragmatic advice and guidance and regular physiotherapy has successfully reduced the chronic pain I have experienced for some years in my neck and shoulders. Kim's approach is always thorough and her explanation of the causes of the pain has helped me to take steps to alleviate the problem. Kim is always professional and exemplar in her approach. I have absolute confidence in her skills as a physiotherapist and recommend her without hesitation."

Richard and Caroline Charles

"Caroline and I were first impressed by Kim's abilities when she diagnosed my wife's prolapsed disc which the hospital had told her was 'a crick in the neck'. Since then we have both been regular clients whenever we have needed treatment for sports injuries. Caroline is a keen runner and I am still struggling with gymnastics at the tender age of 46. As a landscape gardener I am regularly doing heavy manual work and Kim's help has been invaluable in keeping me at work and of course in just dealing with the general wear and tear that life inflicts on the middle-aged physique."

Lucy Harris's Testimonial

"I first visited Kim Baxter and Associates in the first season I introduced cycling into my training and picked up an injury four weeks before my first international Mountain Bike Orienteering race. I was back on the bike within a week and by the time the race came, was completely fine."

"Since then I have taken up Adventure Racing, in particular Expedition racing at an international level. This involves running, mountain biking and kayaking for days at a time and puts a lot of strain on every bit of the body. I have visited Kim and Associates more frequently as my volume of training and racing has increased.

"I know I will always be met by friendly faces and come away with a clear diagnosis of the problem and a good plan of how best to treat it and strengthen up in order to avoid a recurring injury and be back out training and racing. Being athletes themselves, the physios know how much I want to be running/biking/kayaking so it is not often that the advice is to stop completely. If it is, then I know I have done something special. Thanks Kim and the team!

Seb Grieve's Shoulder

"I had reached the end of the road and now had two options:

  1. Stop climbing altogether.
  2. Go under the knife.

I had tried other stuff. Carrying on and hoping the complaint would clear up. That didn’t work. Seeing the doctor – he just recommended taking lots of pills, that didn’t work. Seeing a physio, that didn’t work either.

My shoulder hurt a lot, in fact pretty much most of the time. It often kept me awake a night. A few of my friends had had shoulder operations and come back and climbed okay again – so it couldn’t be that bad. So I thought that it was simply my time. As a last ditch resort I thought I would try a new physio – Kim Baxter – who came highly recommended.

Kim’s approach was refreshing and scientific. “Really! you can tell that much about me from my stance?” Kim’s diagnosis was that I had a muscle imbalance due to years of climbing (Lots of years…..). The good news was that I only had a mild case and that with rest (yes, no climbing) stretching and building up I would be back climbing in no time. I was hopeful and pleased that I wasn’t going to need an operation. She gave me weird diagrams and equally weird exercises to do to stretch my back and train my distorted muscles back into shape.

After a couple of months stretching and doing the weirdo exercises at home I returned to the climbing wall and built up my strength slowly. I was just glad to be climbing again even if it was easy stuff. The weirdo excercises raised a lot of laughs at the gym. They had never seen a grown man doing angels in the snow against a wall before – I didn’t care because they were working. After a few months I was climbing properly again.

So would I recommend Kim? Absolutely! Her knowledge of the body is extensive and the way she scientifically approaches the diagnosis and solution are very professional."

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